Top 50 Persuasive Speech Topics

The top 50 Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Air Bags
  2. Books: are they a thing of the past
  3. Aliens and UFO’s: Yes or no
  4. Aids choices for Life
  5. Abortion
  6. Animal Rights
  7. Amnesty: Should prisoners receive this?
  8. Adoption
  9. Assisted Suicide
  10. Are there Angels among us?
  11. Bigamy
  12. Birth Control
  13. Affirmative Action Laws
  14. Budgeting as well as spending
  15. Brand Names cost more, but is the quality any better
  16. Campus Issues – Dating
  17. Campus Issues – Student Govt.
  18. Campus Issues – Student Life
  19. Campus Issues – Student Funding
  20. Campus Issues – Greek Life
  21. Campus Issues – Student Fees
  22. Campus Issues – Technology
  23. Cloning
  24. Censorship of Internet
  25. Discrimination Laws
  26. City Curfews
  27. Cults Kill
  28. Conservation and Recycling: Is it Important
  29. Capital Punishment
  30. Does Dieting lead to Eating Disorders
  31. Chat Rooms: Are they safe
  32. Divorce: Does it destroy children
  33. Donor Insemination: Selling Babies
  34. Dr. Kevorkian
  35. Drinking Age
  36. Drug Legalization
  37. Euthanasia
  38. Eating Less Meat
  39. Ebonics
  40. Drunk Driving
  41. Food Stamps
  42. Feminism
  43. Food Additives
  44. Filtering Internet
  45. Foreign Policy
  46. Fur is not a Fashion Statement (using animal fur for coats)
  47. Should American companies go overseas for workers?
  48. Genetic Engineering
  49. Government Regulation of Utilities
  50. Gun Control
  51. What if you have a gun to your head and had to make a $1000 in 48 hours ?
  52. A truly Innovative way to make studying easier
  53. How to start earnign $$ in 3 easy steps ?

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10 Responses to “Top 50 Persuasive Speech Topics”
  1. Tyler Clarke says:

    i usually stick to natural birth control methods because i am a christian, natural birth control has no side effects too..’~

  2. Food Stamps are nice and handy if you want some fast meals.,:.

  3. i think that gun control should always be imposed at all times to reduce violence.,;’

  4. Katie Patel says:

    Food Stamps are great and i wish that there were more of them.’:”

  5. Eve Reid says:

    i always thought that gun control should be mandatory in all places..~

  6. the homeless people in our area would always use food stamps to satisfy their hunger”`

  7. internet dating is just very common these days because people are mostly online today -

  8. food stamps are great because it is instant food and you can consider it also as free lunch “”‘

  9. i think that gun control is a must because more guns means more deaths *“

  10. ,*, I am really thankful to this topic because it really gives great information -;:

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