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It is not easy to give a speech in front of a class. Everyone has a fear of speaking in front of the class, but if you are well prepared and you thoroughly understand what you are talking about, your speech will go smoothly. Here are a few steps to follow in preparing for your speech.


  1. Make sure you understand what you are going to speak about. Check with your teacher if you don’t understand your topic or if you have a question.
  2. Research your topic. Go the library and get as much information as you can. You can also search the Internet for information. The more you know, the better you can speak about the topic.
  3. Create a rough outline or outline about your topic. Start with general information then add specifics. Read the outline, making adjustments as you read. Highlight the key points.
  4. Use the marked up outline to create detailed note cards. Number the note cards in the order the information is given. By numbering the cards, if you drop the cards, you will be able to put them back in order quickly.
  5. Practice giving your speech out loud. Standing in front of a mirror will help you build confidence. Practice your speech in front of a friend or family member and get their feedback. Continue practicing your speech until you are confident with it.
  6. Look your very best the day of your speech. The less you are worried about what you look like, the more you can concentrate on your speech.
  7. Go to school and give your speech. Be confident and be proud of the speech you give.

Tips & Warnings

  • Speak in a clear, slow voice.
  • Do not look at the floor while speaking. Always look at the people you are speaking to.



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