Problem/Solution Speech Topics

problem/solution speech topicsProblem/solution speeches begin with a problem and follow up with a solution. The best topics are those the speaker is passionate about or has personal knowledge of.

  1. Teens and Finances
    Research the relationship between teenagers and finances. State the No. 1 problem before offering a solution.
  2. Working Women
    Study working women with children and work-attendance issues. Tell the audience of one problem and then give suggestions for solving the issue.
  3. Eyes
    Compare medical complications of wearing contacts and then tell the audience what they should do now that they’ve been shown the problem.
  4. Fathers
    Research reasons that men abandon their children and give suggestions to solve the problem.
  5. Considerations
    Problems are everywhere. A good problem/solution speech will begin with an interesting problem and conclude with a way to counteract the issue. Speeches that are relevant to people’s lives are everywhere, waiting to be found.

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