How to Select a Topic for a Speech

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For many people, the thought of giving a speech in front of an audience can be terrifying. Even if you are comfortable with public speaking, it can be difficult at times to figure out what to speak about. Here are a few simple steps to help you select a speech topic that will wow your audience:


  1. Think about people. Who are you speaking to? What do they care about? The first thing you should always do is put yourself in your audience’s shoes and consider what they would like to hear and why.
  2. Connect. If you have an idea , look for a way to relate it to your audience. Don’t just talk about a topic in general — try to help your audience understand and care about it.
  3. Consider your own knowledge. What do you care about? The easiest speeches to deliver are ones on a topic that you know inside out. Your own passion and knowledge about a subject will come through in your presentation with very little effort.
  4. Look for timely topics. Try a newspaper or check the headlines on the Internet. Sometimes an interesting story can spark your creativity. Plus, it gives you a great way to open your speech.
  5. Consider what actions you would like your audience to take when you finish. How should they feel after hearing you? What would you like them to do? Instead of just speaking about a topic, think instead about trying to persuade your audience to take a certain action or change a belief or behavior.


  • A great resource for public speaking is Toastmasters International. There are clubs all over the world and for very little money you can develop outstanding speaking skills in a helpful, friendly atmosphere.
  • Another helpful sources are the how-to guides and lists of ideas of Speech Topics Help.


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