How to Choose a Topic for an Informative Speech

informative speech topics - how to chooseInformative speeches must engage the audience, and make them enjoy listening to you. A topic for an informative speech aims to teach the audience something, while drawing questions from the audience at the same time. When choosing a topic, pick something that interests or excites you.


  1. Think of your audience before picking an informative speech topic. If you’re giving a business speech, pick technology or marketing. If you’re giving a speech for a class, target your speech based on the age of the students.
  2. Narrow your informative speech topic down to a specific point. If you’ve chosen dogs as your topic, narrow the speech down to a specific breed, a specific behavior or a training method. A specific topic is easier to formulate than a broad topic that covers a variety of information.
  3. Pick something that interests you. Research is required to put together a speech, and you’ll enjoy the research and topic much more if it’s something you like.
  4. Choose a topic you feel comfortable teaching to an audience. Informative speeches present your audience with facts they didn’t know before, and if you’re not comfortable teaching a topic, your speech won’t flow smoothly.
  5. Think about personal experiences you can turn into an informative speech. If you work from home, you can give a speech about making money from home. If your house flooded, you can give a speech about picking the best flood-insurance policy.
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