Easy Persuasive Speech Topics

easy persuasive speech topicsWhen creating a persuasive speech, it’s important to decide on priorities. If your goal is to choose an easy topic, you have a few things to consider. First, non-controversial topics typically make great fodder for an easy speech. Second, consider your audience. If you’re giving a speech to the National Rifle Association, an anti-hunting topic might not be your best bet.

Drunk Driving
1. Most everyone agrees drunk driving is a bad thing, which makes it an excellent non-controversial topic. If you want to reinforce the fact that drunk driving is harmful, statistics of drunk-driving-related deaths and injuries will help drive your point home. However, if you want to convince your audience that drunk-driving penalties should be stiffer or more lenient, additional research and citations will be required.

Environmental Protection
2. The environment is another great topic for a persuasive speech. Depending on the angle you want to tackle, this topic could be relatively non-controversial as well. Very few people would argue that dumping garbage into the ocean and clear-cutting the rain forest are positive things. However, if you want to get into the specifics of global warming and the best course of action to take to curb it, you should have plenty of facts to back up your claims.

3. Censorship can be a more controversial topic than drunk driving or environmental protection, but depending on your interests, it can be a fun and easy topic to address. Pick your angle and stick with it. If you want to talk about TV and film censorship, be sure to mention the ratings systems used in various countries. It also might be useful to research studies that have been done regarding censored and uncensored content being watched by children and teens.

Video Games
4. Gaming is an extremely popular topic for persuasive speeches because of the wealth of information available about games and their saturation into so many aspects of our society. Think about video-game violence and the claims that virtual violence can lead to real-life crimes. Also consider the topic of video-game addiction.

5. When devising a persuasive speech, remember that you can’t be wrong as long as you have information and facts to support your claims. If you want the process to be easy, you should avoid certain topics, including such controversial, potentially offensive topics as religion, medical ethics or capital punishment.

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